JungleVine® Hand-Spun Fiber is Now For Sale

The organic fiber that the Khmu bag crafters use almost exclusively can now be purchased at www.NatureBag.ORG

“Over the years we’ve had requests from textile scholars as well as designers for samples of the fiber that is an important element in the amazing characteristics of the Nature Bag,” explained Volunteer & Primary Financial Project sponsor Bill Newbrough.  “So we’ve decided to add samples of both the cord and the fabric as products for sale on our e-commerce website.”

In addition to scholarly study, the samples can be used for novelty gifts or included in homemade clothing and other hand-stitched fabrics. 

One inquirer wanted to know how a piece of the fabric might work in a quilt.  Now s/he can find out.  If you find an unusual use for the stretchable fabric or the strong cord, please share it with us so that we can tell the rest of the world.

Although the Khmu traditionally used JungleVine® to make their fishing nets, the easy availability of non-natural cords has virtually eliminated that process.  Other than in twine & rope, most Khmu today use the super-strong cord only to tie the umbilical cords of the newborn or in crafting the amazing Nature Bag.

Until modifications are completed in our e-commerce store, your access to ordering JungleVine® fiber or fabric samples is a little complicated.  Click on here to reach the presentation of those products.


Vivian Ramirez

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