Making Nature Bags

A step-by-step photo gallery of how Nature Bags are made 
The fiber-to-bag production cycle 
 It begins with JungleVine® (Pueraria phaseoloides).
harvested JungleVine® stems  
stripping the pulp from the fiber 
raw JungleVine® bast fiber
raw JungleVine® fiber hung up to dry
 spinning the fiber
spinning the fiber
heating water and preparing the dye pot
 dying the fiber
 rinsing excess dye from the fiber at the community well
 dyed fiber hung up to dry
JungleVine® fiber wound onto a stick, ready for weaving
 The traditional Nature Bag design starts with the bottom seam. 
 The bottom seam here is red, and the body of the bag that she is beginning is undyed JungleVine® fiber.
Khmu artisans create Nature Bags in their homes and villages, preserving traditional social interaction within their villages.
Artisans enjoy working from home while nurturing their children.
weaving the strap
 Khmu artisans with JungleVine® fiber and Nature Bags
We made a 9-minute documentary film in 2008 How to Make a Nature Bag