Rave Reviews

From the people who love their Nature Bags

"I just received my order today and i really love the bags! I find them wonderful and very well made. I really appreciate and I want to thank you very much indeed."  Belene - Madrid

"I LOVE the bags!" Sue - Alaska

"I am so pleased with my Nature Bags. Really beautiful pieces of art. I use them for my purse and grocery bags and always get compliments from people. Thank you to all the makers of these fantastic bags!" Tracy – Arizona

"Buying handmade goods like Nature Bags from countries or communities where the income is enough to prop up their whole economy makes a huge difference." – posted comment by Rudd on Café Mom

Just wanted to let you know that my bags arrived and they are perfect!  I will be giving them as Christmas gifts. Thanks for doing such a great job!  - Carol

"Many people have been moved by your story.  I am so proud to offer these." Karen - Rose Hip Farm, Norman, OK

 “One of the fun things about my Nature Bags is when I use them at the market. The baggers are reluctant to fill them, fearing that they will break or rip. It gets comical when I have to say “just one more item” for about the 8th time, and everyone who’s watching is amazed that there’s always room for that one more item.” Helen – Montana

 “I love to use a Nature Bag in the garden. It can carry my tools, seeds, fertilizer. But it works best gathering the harvest.” Beth – Iowa City

My kids love using their Nature Bags to carry their books, lunch and supplies to school.”  Nui – Jomtien, Thailand

I search for a bag that would work gathering wild mushrooms. You want a bag that lets the spores fall onto the ground so that there will be more mushrooms next year. In my search for a mushroom bag, up popped Nature Bag. It seemed to be exactly right, and I ordered one. Now that the mushroom season is over I’m finding the bag great for pulling and removing weeds in the garden.” Joel—Madison, WI

To stand out from the crowd and proclaim my Eco-friendly conscience, nothing has proved more dramatic and useful than wearing my Nature Bag.”  Joshua – Manhattan

"A lovely, humanitarian buy and perfect holiday gift for your stylish and earth-loving friends and family members." - Café Mom

Nature Bag gave me a Noy style bag when I was working on a video for the nonprofit. I use it every day as a work bag to carry things between home and the office. I bicycle frequently and hate the damp spot on my shirt where a backpack keeps the perspiration from evaporating. I discovered that my Nature Bag is a great solution because air circulates through it easily.” Sean – L.A.

"Wow, those are really cool." – posted comment by table4six on Café Mom

"These bags truly are awesome! I have several of my own and use them for everything from holding my daughters toys and costumes, to grocery shopping, to heading to and from the pool with our wet gear." – posted comment by Heather on Café Mom

"I have a few of these and they are nice – durable, flexible, strong. They are also easier to ball up and stuff into a backpack or purse than other reusable grocery bags sold by grocery stores. I use mine weekly for groceries – no disposable bags!" – posted comment by Rudd on Café Mom

"I’ve been amazed at how much I can actually fit into them. I literally filled mine up the other day with 28 cans of soda, hung it up in the garage and took it to a party a few days later. Not only is it big enough to fill that full, and strong enough to hold that load for days, but after I removed all the cans it went back to its normal shape." – posted comment by ReinaDeRigo on Café Mom.

"These bags are wonderful! The best part is you can fold them up to fit in your pocket and pull them out when you need them." – posted comment by Alan on Café Mom

I think the best thing about these bags is how I feel when I’m using them. Not only are they good for the environment by being reusable, I know I’m helping to reduce poverty in a part of the world that desperately needs help." – posted comment by Heather on Café Mom

"I saw a spot on these bags on CNNs website and thought I’d do a little more research. They’re very intriguing and from the looks of all the positive feedback I’ve been seeing I might need to try some out for myself…." — posted comment by Mission Green on Café Mom

"Hi! The bags are great! They do exactly what I had hoped! Many thanks for your good works in promoting sustainability and independence."   Peg - Vermont

"I really love them. I am giving them away for presents too... I wish they were a little cheaper but I know it is for a good cause... I plan on buying some of the bigger ones... love them!!"  Anne - New Jersey 

"My wife and I have been trying to be very “carbon footprint conscious” in the last year or so. A friend of hers came over a few months ago and brought all of her food items in one of these bags. My wife just raved over it because it’s so “pretty”, but we were SHOCKED to find out that “pretty” isn’t it’s only quality. We never expected it to be such a sturdy and expandable bag." – posted comment by Mike on Cafe Mom

"I love my three bags.  I use them mainly for groceries and library books and they are great. Keep up the good work.  I have been to S.E. Asia and am happy to support a project which benefits the people."  Alice - Minnesota

"The bags arrived today and are incredible! Thank you again for a great order!"  Amy

"We LOVE the nature bag. I will be ordering more in the future. Many thanks to you."  Linda – NJ

"I’m DONE buying the $1 canvas bags that just break! Not to mention that it makes me feel so good to know that my money is going to people who need it." – posted comment by ReinaDeRigo on Café Mom.