“Green” on the Go...with Style!


No matter who you are, we all end up having too much to carry with us.  When choosing a purse, grocery sack or tote bag, there are few options out there where we can really “know” what they’re made of, let alone who made them and if they are eco-friendly too.

Nature Bag gives you the durability and style wanted in a carry along bag with the added benefit of knowing we are aiding the environment and helping to reduce poverty.

Unique in style, structure and shape, Nature Bag is homemade from wild-growing JungleVine® fiber in Laos and is completely bio-degradable.  Lightweight yet strong and remarkably versatile, Nature Bag definitely makes a “green” statement.   

The  Nature Bag website goes into great detail about the indigenous Khmu people who are the designers of the bag and outlines how making Nature Bag has helped them.

The stretchable but durable fabric is completely organic and carries with it the unique property of being able to purify surrounding air by creating oxygen to breathe.  For most, Nature Bag can last for a lifetime with modest care and when ready for a new one, simply drop into your compost pile to enrich your garden.

Nature Bag is now available across the world and comes in several styles, colors and sizes depending on the need.   Great for use while shopping, as a recycle drop hung on a door, a gym or garden bag, a trendy purse, or given as a thoughtful gift.   

Nature Bag is the right choice for an environmentally conscious world. 


Vivian H Ramirez

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