Crafter Pia's Daughter Helps Her Create Bags


Each month, we post a different Nature Bag Crafter interview so our readers can see how beneficial the Nature Bag Khmu/Laos Poverty Reduction Project is and learn more about the Khmu crafters of the eco-friendly tote.


  • Ounkahm: How old are you?
  • Pia: I am 48 years old.
  • Ounkahm: How many children do you have
  • Pia: I have 5 children.
  • Ounkahm: How many in your family help you make Earth’s Greenest bag?
  • Pia: Only two, myself and my oldest daughter.
  • Ounkahm: What do you do with the finished bag?
  • Pia: hmm… I sell, trade for clothes, blankets, bed sheets or anything that is needed for my family.
  • Ounkahm: How long have you been creating Nature Bags?
  • Pia: I have been making our organic totes since I was little. There was a time when there was not much interest in buying the bag, so most of us make the bag with the nylon because the material is cheaper and we can do it faster.
  • Ounkahm: I see, I think, making bag with nature material is great for the environment and you can preserve your old culture of making bag.
  • Pia: I agree with that if there is someone wants our Nature Bag.
  • Ounkahm: Well, we want them!

Souksavath Ounkahm
Countryside Coordinator/Volunteer

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