Sokdi JungleVine Purse with off-color dye
Somboun JungleVine Purse with off-color dye
Sokdi purses have flaps
Somboun Purses have zippers

An Dai JungleVine® One-of-a-Kind Purses

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An Dai JungleVine® Purses are a unique collection of various styles, perfect for the adventurous soul. Named "An Dai," meaning "which one" in Lao, these are one-of-a-kind creations by Khmu artisans that don't fit into our standard designs. Each purse features a unique An Dai Purse is offered at a special, deeply discounted price.

Due to their individuality, we can't photograph each bag, so you choose the style based on the minimal description, but you don't know precisely what the purse may look like. Available in Assorted Light and Assorted Dark colors, these purses reflect the artisan's spirit and craftsmanship.

Handmade from the world's most eco-friendly JungleVine® fiber, these purses support a zero-waste lifestyle. Enjoy a versatile, durable, and environmentally friendly accessory at an unbeatable price.

Assorted Dark Colors - These are 100% dark dyed, and colors may include blue-black, coppery brown, charcoal gray, mottled, lavender, bluish tones, and multicolor.

An Dai JungleVine® Purse Minimum Dimensions

Mini or Itty Bitty - smaller than Original
Original   15 x 18 cm    6 x 7 in
Wide        20 x 18 cm    8 x 7 in

Bottle Bag Original - 10 x 20 cm   4 x 8 in
Bottle Bag Skinny - too narrow for a standard water bottle

Crossbody straps are approximately 120 cm (47 in). Shoulder straps are shorter.

Centimeters are our primary unit for measuring. Inches are approximate and may be rounded up or down to the nearest inch.

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Good for the Artisans
Good for the Earth
Good for You

Your purchase directly benefits the Khmu artisans in remote Lao villages who hand-craft JungleVine® products. They use fiber from a vine that grows without any agricultural inputs. JungleVine® products are genuinely eco-friendly and 100% sustainable.

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