Somboun Perfect JungleVine® Purse
Somboun JungleVine® Purse
Model Jordan with Somboun Soa crossbody JungleVine purse
Somboun JungleVine® Purse artisan-made and eco-friendly
Somboun Soa Dark-Dyed JungleVine Purse
Somboun JungleVine Purse Un-Dyed Natural in original and wide
Somboun JungleVine Purse Dark-Dyed Soa in original and wide
Somboun JungleVine® Purse
Somboun JungleVine Zipper Purses in natural and dark-dyed soa

Somboun JungleVine® Purse

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Somboun JungleVine® Purse -- named with the Lao word for perfect -- are the perfect size for carrying a cell phone and a few necessities. It features a contemporary seamless design and a zipper closure.

All JungleVine® products are homemade in remote Khmu villages in Laos using handspun fiber from a vine that grows without any agricultural inputs. They are the most eco-friendly and socially responsible bags you'll ever own.

Somboun JungleVine® Purse Minimum Dimensions

Original   15 x 18 cm    6 x 7 in
Wide        20 x 18 cm    8 x 7 in

Crossbody straps are approximately 120 cm (47 in). Shoulder straps are shorter.

Note: Centimeters are our primary unit for measuring. Inches are approximate and may be rounded up or down to the nearest inch.

Like all of our homemade JungleVine® products, no two Somboun purses are identical and each varies slightly. 

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Good for the Artisans
Good for the Earth
Good for You

Your purchase directly benefits the Khmu artisans in remote Lao villages who hand-craft JungleVine® products. They use fiber from a vine that grows without any agricultural inputs. JungleVine® products are genuinely eco-friendly and 100% sustainable.

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