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Donate now to support Cindy Malott's incredible efforts to improve education in Laos. Your contribution helps provide vital resources like classrooms, dormitories, and libraries for students in need.

Cindy Malott is a volunteer and major donor for a wide variety of education-related projects in Laos. Her efforts have been to improve school facilities, including bringing water and electricity to schools, building toilet facilities and hand washing stations, and providing fans and lights for existing buildings. Malott also looks for sponsors for the neediest students at the schools she works with; currently sponsors are supporting 24 students. 


The building program that Malott’s project funded at Ban Fay Secondary School included both a new school building and a new dormitory. The new 8-classroom school includes a library, computer room with 20 computers, and 10 new toilets. Ban Fay Secondary School is now a “model school” in Laos, and one of only a very few that has a computer program. The dormitory building project, which houses 60 students, included furnishings, study areas, and lockers. Thanks to her generous donations, the dormitory project also included the construction of four toilets, two bathing facilities, and a large covered cook house.

Termites were eating the interior walls of the original schoolThe inside of an original classroom. Termites were eating the wooden walls, and the cement block was crumbling. Malott provided fans and electric to improve conditions at the old school while the new one was under construction.

New Ban Fay Secondary School
The new 8-classroom building nearly finished.

Students in their new classroomStudents in one of their new classrooms.

Original dormitory huts housed 4 children eachThe original dormitories. Each bamboo hut housed four kids and had a place for cooking in the corner. Every year, children in Laos died of fires in these dormitories.

New dormitory houses 60 students
The new dormitory building for 60 students, with four new bathrooms, hand washing stations, bathing facility, and a covered cook house.

Inside the new dormitoryInside of the new dormitory with bunk beds, and tables and chairs for study.

A young California girl gifted solar lanterns to every child in the schoolA young American girl, 13-year-old Leighton Bell, came to deliver solar lanterns to all the kids. They take the lanterns home to their villages on the weekends so that they have lighting and are able to study. (Their homes do not have electricity.)

First four sponsored children
The first group of four sponsored students standing outside the old dormitory shacks. We now have about 24 total sponsored students. The cost is $30 a month and funds are distributed to students identified by the school.

Library at Ban Fay Secondary School
After the classroom building was finished, work began on a second building for the campus, a new computer room and a library. The library was decorated by a local artist with the help of some of the secondary school students.

Both elementary students and secondary students use the library. Malott is providing a trained librarian during school days until 7 p.m. so dormitory kids can use the facility for study. The library is also open on weekends for local kids from the village. It is one of very few secondary schools in Laos with a library.

Computers donated to Ban Fay Secondary School
The first computer room. Today, it is housed in a larger room next to the library.


Generous donations have funded a number of projects for the Nasavang School in Laos, including bringing water from river to storage cisterns and then into the village. All supplies transported to this rural village travel an hour on the main road then 10 kilometers on a narrow dirt track that is so arduous and rutted that it takes 50 minutes. 

Nasavang School and Village 2019Mr. Daeng and nine sponsored kids (all Khmu).


In 2019, donors to the Nasavang School and Village contributed enough money to fund the construction of bathroom facilities. 

Please consider making a donation for the Educational Facilities Improvements in Laos. Your donation will help our mission to reduce poverty in Northern Laos, one of the poorest countries in the world.

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