Private Labels and Custom Designs


Adding Private Labels to Nature Bags (for Wholesale)

We can add private labels to Nature Bags. In order to ship the bags internationally, product labels must have country of origin (Laos) and material (JungleVine®). Our bags come with standard Nature Bag labels that include the necessary information.

We have two options for private labels on items warehoused in the United States. The following prices are based on you providing your own private labels to our warehouse in Iowa. Minimum order for private label is 50 pieces. Sizes and styles may be combined to meet minimum. Estimated turnaround time is three to five weeks.

Private Label Option A - We will sew private labels on top of our label, layered so both are readable.  $1 per piece.

Private Label Option B - We will remove the Nature Bag label, then sew in your private label.  $2.50 per piece. Please know that most international trade requires country of origin (Laos) and material (JungleVine® Fiber) to be included on the label.

If you know you would like to go this route, consider shipping your labels to our warehouse right away so that we will be ready to begin labeling your items promptly when you place your order. Our shipping address is: JungleVine Foundation, 3319 3rd Street #2, Des Moines IA 50313, USA.

If you do not have your own labels and would like us to acquire labels for you that are similar in design to ours, please allow an extra 30 days so that we can get your approval on the design. The following steps are needed if we are to acquire labels for you:

  1. Tell us what color and what you would like the labels to say. They must include the following text: Made in Laos of JungleVine® (Unless your labels are being added in addition to our standard labels.)
  2. Proof the label design.
  3. In advance of label order, pay the cost of the labels and shipping to our U.S. warehouse or Luang Prabang, (depending whether you are ordering from our warehouse or ordering custom-made bags). It’s extremely difficult to estimate the cost of custom labels. The price will likely be at least $75 and possibly as much as $320. Label-making companies require minimum quantities that are beyond our control.

Alternatively, you are welcome to add your own labels after you receive the bags.

Custom Orders (for Wholesale)

We can do custom colors and styles. You are welcome to submit sketches and the artisans can create samples before you place your order. We do charge for samples, as Nature Bag artisans must be paid for their work. The JungleVine Foundation subsidizes every product, but cannot provide 100 percent subsidy.

We may be able to get photos of your custom design to you within 2 to 3 weeks. (This allows time for the artisans to create the bags.) If you would like samples shipped to you, it will likely take 3 to 5 weeks. Shipping from Laos is considerably more expensive and time consuming than shipping from our warehouse in the United States.

Creating a prototype is more labor intensive than existing designs. Samples and custom bags are more expensive than our standard line of bags. The prices of custom designs are determined by showing the artisans a sketch of what you want and then they set the prices. We do not offer bulk discount pricing on custom orders.

On custom orders, we ask for a 200-piece minimum order. (You can break that into four colors, styles, or sizes of 50 pieces each.)

If you place a 200-piece custom order, expect delivery of your bags to take 8 to 12 weeks. The journey from Luang Prabang up into the mountainous jungle is long and extremely difficult. Sometimes seasonal rains and flooding impede transportation completely for weeks at a time.

We can attach your labels for an additional charge. See the private label information for pricing. You are responsible for shipping your labels to Luang Prabang if you would like us to attach them to your custom designs. Alternatively, you are welcome to add your own labels after you receive the bags.

Exclusivity of Your Custom Design

When we ask the Khmu artisans to create your custom design, we end up purchasing about twice as many bags as you do. We need to be able to sell the surplus production. Depending how unique your design is, we can agree not to produce any more of your design unless it is for an order from you, and we will not associate your brand with any surplus bags we sell. We can also offer you first right of purchase on all of the surplus bags.