Retailer Reviews

"Thank you JungleVine for our recent order. The products were much more beautiful than expected. Within the first week of our order we had sold $700 worth of stock and had to place another order. We can't wait to see how the new range is received." -- Tanya, Australia

Ciao, We'd like to place a new order of Nature Bag!! We ❤ them!!! Your fantastic bags are surely sold better during the summer season here in Italy. — Alice & Francesca, Italy

The bags are sold out! It was a great season... Thank you!! Kind regards, Ana C., Spain

Greetings! We would like to order more of your beautiful bags right away! We sold 10 today!!  Only two left!! Thanks so much. — Julie, The Bahamas

They are doing really well! We have them in the window and they are what's bringing people in. We aren't ready for a top up order yet, but I think we will be soon! Thanks so much. — Liz, Australia

I've sold all the bags from my last order! I was just wondering if I could get the same order again + some extra yellow ones if you have them, it's such a popular colour! — Rose, Australia

Sold the aqua tipped bags already! May I re-order? — Kathryn, United States

Thank you for checking in with me. Our summer season was ok, and did sell about half of the bags I have. People love them and the background on them. — Linda, United States

They are selling very well. I've sold 6 already.  I love them! — Judy, Canada

Yes the bags are selling well! I will order now for the next season in February. — Caroline, France

Awesome! Thank you, Amy! I love the bags!! We have sold a couple I think. I'm doing a little store redo, so I can display them better. Also love the little insert you sent along with them. Good info! Thanks again, and hope to reorder really soon!!! — Erica, United States

The bags are selling very well. Thanks. — Olivia, The Caribbean

I received my order this week. The delivery has been really fast. The bags are really nice. I love them! Thank you. — Ana S., Spain

Our customers shows very happy with your products. I will order about 100 pieces by the beginning of next week, and after that I'd like to increase the amount more. — Lee, Korea

Nice to hear from you! Summer was ok and all the Nature bags sold out!! We will ask for more for next spring! Keep in touch. — Bea, Spain

The sales have been good. — Christine, United States

The bags have been wonderfully received in the shop and I have a few left so I thought I would get onto placing another order. Thank you. — Alia, Australia

I would like to place a new order... they like very much! — Ana C., Spain

We ordered for the spring/summer season, but when they arrived the last week of December, we put some of them out for display anyway. This was during a very cold spell in Paris. Anticipating that it would be a warm weather item, we are amazed that all have been sold already. We need more as soon as possible. — Mary, France

Thanks for everything and LOVING the bags. — Cristina, United States

71% of our wholesale customers place a second order.
(This data includes all wholesale customers within the past 7 years.)