Sizes and Strap Lengths Illustrated

JungleVine® Tote Bag Sizes



MINI SHOULDER-STRAP - Our little model Cassandra is wearing a mini shoulder-strap Beng JungleVine® Tote.

MEDIUM SHOULDER-STRAP NOY - Here our model Justine Renee has a medium shoulder-strap black Noy JungleVine® Tote.

MEDIUM-DEEP, CROSSBODY-STRAP MU'UN - Our model Justine Renee is wearing a medium-deep, crossbody-strap Mu'un JungleVine® Tote.

LARGE SHOULDER-STRAP PAHK - Here our model Justine Renee is shopping with a large shoulder-strap Pahk JungleVine® Tote.

LARGE SHOULDER-STRAP BENG - Here our model Justine Renee has a large shoulder-strap Beng JungleVine® Tote.

Yudi Large Size, Crossbody and Shoulder Straps

LARGE YUDI IN BOTH CROSSBODY AND SHOULDER STRAP VERSIONS - In order illustrate the different shoulder straps for a customer in Spain, we took these quick photos in a corner of our warehouse. The dress form is quite petite, so we placed luggage and a chair next to her to help show her size. The orange Yudi is a shoulder strap and the yellow Yudi is a crossbody strap.

Pahk Large-Deep Size, Shoulder and Crossbody Straps


Noy XL Size, Shoulder and Crossbody Straps

EXTRA-LARGE NOY IN TWO STRAP LENGTHS - The orange Noy is a shoulder strap and the dark blue Noy is a crossbody strap.

Minimum Tote Bag Dimensions
Mini - anything smaller than small
Small                  25 x 15 cm   10 x 6 in
Small-Deep      25 x 23 cm   10 x 9 in
Medium             30 x 20 cm   12 x 8 in
Medium-Deep 30 x 28 cm   12 x 11 in
Large                  35 x 25 cm   14 x 10 in
Large-Deep      35 x 32 cm   14 x 12 in
X-Large              40 x 28 cm   16 x 11 in
X-Large-Deep  40 x 36 cm   16 x 14 in
Jumbo                45 x 30 cm   18 x 12 in
Jumbo-Deep    45 x 38 cm   18 x 15 in

Centimeters are our primary unit for measuring. Inches are approximate and may be rounded up or down to the nearest inch.

The first measurement is the width of the opening at the top of the bag. The second measurement is the depth of the bag from the top opening to the bottom seam.

We size tote bags by laying them out on a sizing board with an outline for each of the primary sizes. When a bag is a centimeter or more too small, it gets put into the next smaller size category. So it's possible, for example, to have a medium that is almost-but-not-quite a large. The same goes for every size.

Why so many sizes?

We work with artisans in more than 40 isolated, remote villages. The artisans don't use a written language. Frequently, when we ask artisans in one village if they'll create some items, a visiting auntie from another remote village will hear about the order and excitedly return to her home village to tell them all about it. The precise dimensions we request get lost in the communication chain, and the pieces we see come in sometimes vary quite a bit from village to village. We are committed to helping all of the artisans sell their items.

We began with just small, medium, large, and extra large. Sometimes we'd receive a bag far, far larger than extra large, so we created a rarely-seen jumbo size. Soon we had such an array of sizes coming in that we had to devise a way to differentiate bags that were substantially deeper than others, so we added the "deep" designation for buyers who were seeking a deeper bag.

As the years go by, we find that the artisans are tending to produce fairly consistent sizes, which is remarkable given that not a single piece we sell for the Khmu has ever seen the inside of a factory. But we may always have a broad range of sizes; it just depends on what the artisans do.

JungleVine® Tote Bag Strap Lengths

Our model Ana demonstrates the difference between a crossbody strap on the left and a shoulder strap on the right. Both of these bags are size medium. The crossbody strap is easily long enough to be worn across her body, while the shoulder strap is comfortable on her shoulder but generally not long enough for crossbody. 

Sokdi JungleVine® Purse with crossbody strap

Tote Bag Crossbody Strap Length Minimums
(Purse crossbody strap lengths may be longer; see individual purse pages.)
Mini / Small                  120 cm (47”)
Medium                        100 cm (39”)
Large / XL / Jumbo      92 cm (36")

The bag's size adds to the drop length, so suitable crossbody lengths vary based on the bag's size. For example, a 92-cm strap works well for crossbody on an Extra Large bag, but it is too short for crossbody on a Medium bag.

Short Straps
A note on Short Straps (not pictured):  All short strap bags, if worn on her shoulder, would hang higher than her elbow.