Visiting Laos and Southeast Asia

If you're planning a trip to Southeast Asia, be sure to include Laos in your itinerary. All across Southeast Asia, you'll find cities bustling with tuk tuks and street markets and the wonderful scents of mouthwatering street food. Thailand and Vietnam are well known as tourist hot spots.

Lesser known is the stunning beauty and kind welcoming culture of Laos. High-speed rail lines opened across the country this year, and exhausting all-day travel adventures are now short comfortable trips. What used to take 10 hours can now be done in 2, opening previously isolated areas to tourists eager to experience the lovely charm of Laos.

When visiting Luang Prabang, we hope that you will stay in guest houses operated by our Lao sister organization, as that helps to support our mission. Our partners in Luang Prabang, Laos operate the IQ Inn and Restaurant and the Villa Sayada, both just steps from the peninsula. Visit to learn more.

Lao High Speed Rail
Luang Prabang is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site so that the rich architectural heritage of the city will be preserved.