Hello Baby - Sabaidee Soft Skin Set
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Hello Glow - Sabaidee Soft Skin Set
Hello Radiance - Sabaidee Soft Skin Set
Hello Glow and Hello Radiance are packaged in Body Buffing Mitts
Sabaidee Soft Skin Sets

Sabaidee Soft Skin Sets

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Named with the Lao word for hello, Sabaidee Soft Skin Sets are handmade by Khmu artisans in remote villages using 100% sustainable JungleVine® Fiber. JungleVine® body buffing mitts, hand and body cloths, soap bags, and back scrubbers will exfoliate your skin and leave it soft, smooth, and glowing.

Hello Baby is simply a hand cloth tucked inside a soap bag. Hello Glow and Hello Radiance sets are tucked inside a JungleVine® Body Buffing Mitt with a hang tag identifying what's included inside. 

Hello Baby
JungleVine® Soap Bag
JungleVine® Hand Cloth

Hello Glow
JungleVine® Soap Bag
JungleVine® Body Buffing Mitt
JungleVine® Body Cloth

Hello Radiance
JungleVine® Soap Bag
JungleVine® Body Buffing Mitt
JungleVine® Hand Cloth
JungleVine® Back Scrubber


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Good for the Artisans
Good for the Earth
Good for You

Your purchase directly benefits the Khmu artisans in remote Lao villages who hand-craft JungleVine® products. They use fiber from a vine that grows without any agricultural inputs. JungleVine® products are genuinely eco-friendly and 100% sustainable.

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