Sponsoring Artisans and Villages

Sponsoring Artisans and Villages

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Every JungleVine® product you buy provides much-needed income for the artisan who created it. For those who are able to go above and beyond to support this project, we suggest sponsoring an artisan, an entire village, a product shipment, or a cash bonus for the artisans.

With $35, you can sponsor an upcoming artisan as she learns the art of bag making

With $125, you can sponsor an artisan for a month as she hones her craft and provides for her family

With $560, you can sponsor an entire village for a month as they make bags in bulk for export to the global marketplace

With $1,800, you can sponsor a visit to a new village to invite them to participate in the project

With $2,500, you can sponsor a shipment of products for worldwide sales and distribution

With $5,000, you can sponsor a cash bonus for all artisans

The Khmu tribal culture is estimated to be more than 5,000 years old. Their villages are extremely remote and their culture has endured without a lot of influence or interference from the outside world. The Khmu survive through subsistence farming, hunting and gathering, and do not have monetary income aside from what they earn from bag making. The Khmu depend on and support one another, so empowering a single person in Khmu village translates to supporting the whole village. They are natural artists, and for centuries, they have been creating fiber bags to carry their food from the fields or forests. Today, the bags are beautiful pieces they sell to make money and support everyone in the community, especially senior citizens among them.

By contributing and supporting the Khmu financially, you offer them an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty, put their children through school, live better lives, and preserve their tribal culture.

We also welcome in-kind donations and frequently need volunteer help. Learn more here. 

The JungleVine Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered with the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions, bequests, devices, transfers, and gifts are tax deductible and can be made online or by mail at 3319 3rd St, Suite 2, Des Moines IA 50313, USA. EIN 46-4237069

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Your purchase directly benefits the Khmu artisans in remote Lao villages who hand-craft JungleVine® products. They use fiber from a vine that grows without any agricultural inputs. JungleVine® products are genuinely eco-friendly and 100% sustainable.

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