Is Your Skin Care Product Really Organic?

Autor: Lee Dobbins
Today most people realize that organic is better - better for the environment and better for you. The less toxic pesticides and chemicals we put in and on our bodies the healthier we will be. 
So it stands to reason that when searching for skin care products you want to buy those that are labeled as organic, right? When you shop for organic skin care products, you probably look at the label and see the word "organic" and think that the ingredients were organically grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. 
The truth is that the labeling can be misleading and many skin care products are anything but organic in their nature. Technicalities enable the word organic to be used on the label without the product actually made without the use of harmful chemicals. So, how do you know what is really an organic product and what isn't? 
The answer is in the list of ingredients. 
All products are required to have a list of ingredients but this can sometimes be confusing. Take two skin care products and look at the labels. Do you see words like "extract from" or "derived from"? If the words after that are long chemical sounding names then the chances are that the product is made from materials that are "derived from" chemicals. If the names sound like natural substances like fruits then you probably have a true organic skin care product. 
Another thing to look at on the label is the order of ingredients. Each ingredient is listed by the percentage it makes up - in other words, the first ingredient is what there is most of in the product and the last is what there is least of. 
Organic skin care products are made from fruits and vegetables and other natural ingredients and are some of the best things you can put on your skin. They can also deliver excellent results. Whey you buy organic skin care products you are adding to the health of your skin instead of perhaps damaging it with harsh chemicals. 
So the next time you go shopping for organic skin care products, be sure to read the label before you buy. There are plenty of genuine organic products out there that will leave your skin with a healthy glow.

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