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JungleVine® Fabric Is More Than an Exfoliant

The Nature Bag Khmu/Lao Poverty Reduction Project learned several months ago that its JungleVine® fabric traditionally has been used as an organic skincare product in northern Japan.  Responding to our article in last month’s newsletter, several readers suggested that JungleVine® on the skin probably was acting as an exfoliant. An exfoliant removes dead cells from the skin surface. An exfoliant textile uses a mild abrasive action in the process. The luffa (also spelled loofa) sponge, from the interior of varieties of the luffa gourd, is the most widely-known non-chemical exfoliant. Without doubt exfoliation is a natural result of using JungleVine® for skincare.  Usually the fabric is dampened or used in the shower/bath similar to a sponge.  Using it dry increases...

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JungleVine® Fabric Used in Japan as Organic Skin Conditioner

  Our retailer in Singapore, Kanga Organics, is testing JungleVine® fabric as an organic skin conditioner.  Our new volunteer Vandara (see the below article) has brought us exciting news that the fabric of the Earth's Greenest Bag has been used in areas of northern Japan to make aging skin young, blemished skin smooth and dry skin naturally moist. Vandara uses the miraculous ancient fabric regularly, and her skin is as beautiful as we’ve seen.  Several other volunteers are experimenting to see what results they experience. Its use can be as simple as rubbing it against the skin for a few minutes daily. Vivian H Ramirez Volunteer/Editor

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Is Your Skin Care Product Really Organic?

Autor: Lee Dobbins Today most people realize that organic is better - better for the environment and better for you. The less toxic pesticides and chemicals we put in and on our bodies the healthier we will be.  So it stands to reason that when searching for skin care products you want to buy those that are labeled as organic, right? When you shop for organic skin care products, you probably look at the label and see the word "organic" and think that the ingredients were organically grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides.  The truth is that the labeling can be misleading and many skin care products are anything but organic in their nature. Technicalities enable the word...

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